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Panoramic view of Banjol from south
Panoramic view of Banjol from south
Banjol is one of the three settlements on the southwestern side of Island Rab, it is located between Rab town and Barbat. The area amongst the groups of houses originally scattered around Banjol Bay has been built up by now, still, the density of houses can be considered moderate.

Banjol's immediate neighbour on west is Rab town, the settlements have practically merged into one another here. Getting to the town from Banjol is easy either by car, by foot - the walk takes about 10-20 mins - or by the taxi boat connecting Rab town with stops in the area, including two piers in Banjol.

Gravel beach by Camp Padova 3
Gravel beach by Camp Padova 3
Banjol's only hotel is Hotel Padova in Padova 1 Bay, another popular facility used for accommodation (and for a number of activities) is the fully equipped, modern campsite in Padova 3 Bay. The largest number of beds is found in the many family-run apartment buildings all around Banjol. There are several groceries and restaurant in the village, these are shown on our map. The gas station on Rab's main road serves the needs of drivers.

One can swim at any of the beaches stretching along Banjol, but for a more intimate and quite beach experience the small coves of Kampor suit better. The noteworthy local beaches are: the gravel beaches of Padova 2 and Padova 3 bays, the pebble beach in front of Banjol Restaurant and that next to Petrac Restaurant, the concrete beach at Hotel Padova.

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